Blackjack is one of the very famous casino games that is played across casinos across the world. There is no clear evidence explaining the origin of the game. Some people believe that the game traces its origin in France and was first played in the 17th century in the French casinos where it was called “vignette-et-un” or “20 and 1″. The game gained its name Blackjack owing to the way it is played. Here if a player has a Jack of Spades and an Ace of Spades as his first two cards, then the player is given an extra share. So since Jack is one of the most important cards and Spades have the colorblack, the game began to be widely known as Blackjack.

Blackjack however became very famous and was widely played in the United States since the 18th century. Gambling was always legal in the US but Nevada between the years 1850 to 1910, banned the online casino games and made it a felony to gamble. However in 1931, casino gambling was again legalized in Nevada and Blackjack was one of the most widely played or in fact the main game that was offered to the various gamblers. Among the other versions of the game, Spanish version called ‘one and thirty’ was also very famous where the player was required to attain the number 31 with at least three cards.

Blackjack has evolved over the centuries and the game has found its acceptance not only in the land based casinos but also in online casinos.

Live Blackjack Dealers

Though there are many casinos which function in the town and have the games like blackjack played there but Live dealer casinos is one such exception which is reasonable in all aspects such as the payment amounts, its procedure and its customer dealing with a person of any age and sex. The Blackjack lovers and players come here to thoroughly enjoy themselves and win a good amount if they play using their basic skills such as good observation and judgement. The gambling games take a whole new shape when played with an expert as compared to a new player in a casino.

The player’s aim is to try to bust the dealer’s card score with his/her cards without exceeding the score of twenty one. The other moves that can be played by the player are ‘hit’, ‘stand’, ’double’, ’split’ or ‘surrender’. The game becomes interesting for the player when he/she wins the betted amount on the table by applying all the tips and techniques learnt by him/her. All the players win if the dealer busts but if he doesn’t then the players with higher score win and others lose.

The dealer plays an important part in increasing the entertainment quotient of the player in his/her casino. Live dealer casinos have an edge in this regard over its counterparts in the town who just take the money and forget to entertain the player. The jolly environment of the casino adds up to its fun factor and compels the players to visit it again and again.

Live Blackjack Strategies

The best casinos to play blackjack involve playing with not a single deck of cards but using multiple cards in the play. The game, when played with six to eight card decks then it is referred to by the name ‘shoe game’ which is meant for the new players who are yet to master the techniques of the game. Blackjack is also called by the name ‘twenty one’. It is interesting to note the reason behind it. The reason is that the player has to reach a score of not more than twenty one with the help of the cards that he/she holds when dealt with the dealer’s cards.

For a fresher the cards are dealt with face up. Live dealer casinos make the experience wonderful and amazing as this gambling game is given a very interesting face by the way the game is conducted by the dealers here. One can invest little but gain more and more as he/she keeps mastering the game each time he/she visits the casino.